cutting nails on teath..

Tamoxefen is a medicine that is subscribed when you had breast cancer. its a hormone based medicine and you have to take it daily for about 5-10 years, depending on your health situation during that period. every three months there is a check up to see how you are, and tamoxefen is your partner for the next possible hopefully only 5 years……


never read the instruction leaflet, because you can not think of anything you can not get from taking this medicine.

there is at first basic fatigue… basicly. than we can for sure count on other reactions like anger, mood chances, no sleep.

weight loss, depression or heavy depression…burn out? yep!!! ticked all boxes! What???!!

i have to take it all into account and ajust my life….

but than.. i can not find on the leaflet anything that is happening to my teath. i‘ve got shark teath since. its not in the leaflet??

talking to other „ex“ tamoxefen patients, i know it seams to be common. teath get sharp as knives and you can easily cut yourself….. 

okay! I am a shark now…

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