Archiv für den Monat November 2019


My name is Renate Hunfeld.

I am free.

I was born in heaven, where everything I wanted was possible. I had a save upbringing, there was no war, my parents were there for me, took care of me, I could go to school, I studied, i was loved. receiving all the attention and support i needed to be a good girl…

and this was just the intro.

than I grew up.. at about 17, I started to realise and learned that the earth is in danger. I was a girl, studying fashion, I could just spend my time inventing new ways, ideas, and everybody around me supported me. I was on TV, made an ‚eco friendly‘ final exam collection at the School Of Arts in Utrecht Holland. Cum Laude. Nobody put a gun at my head, nobody told me to stop what I was doing. I was free, born free, born in heaven. And still, when I would be over worked, stressed, depressed, I could just take a break… go see a doctor, or not….

or move on. why not? nobody told me, what I was doing was politically incorrect. because where I was born it wasnt anyway. nobody stopped me. I was a young pretty woman with dreams, a had a totally free way, looking into the bright future. Everything and just little worries. And for those little worries there was always a way, a solution, help, support.

I moved from Holland to Germany. A carreer move. Everything was possible, the sky was the limit…new experiences, growing, new friends, lovers, travelling, all, I had it all! nobody stopped me…even as a single woman, I was not doing anything forbidden.

I got married, In Vegas… crazy. I was free, I could be crazy, just took a plane! so could all people around me, whe all could do whatever we wanted… fly, be happy, get married, have kids, buy a house, move away, buy a car… and if you were just a little down… there would always be something else… help, another way… another life concept.. get divorced… move away… sell your car… whatever… everything was possible…

I became a mother. the luckiest in the world. Now I was even free to complain about little mother problems… no time for myself… no time for friends, not going out.. but if it would be really too much, I knew I had a good family back up, friends.. a heaven I lived in..Nobody wanted to take my kids away from me, I was never threatend. My kids grew up safe. with a health insurance. with school. with freedom of speach.

I kept working in fashion.. I was a teacher of Marketing, as a woman, I started an agency, I was a freelancer and opened a fair trade fashion store.. dreaming about being a business woman. still the sky was the limit. always. nobody stopped me, I still wasnt doing anything politically incorrect. I was free as a woman to do whatever I wanted.

when I got very ill, I had to stop my carreer, close my store and agency. But I still could be a mother, still could think of creative ideas, in a small way. Just ajust life. Ajust things to what was possible for me, nobody stopped me. nobody told me even now your life is over.

I was insured. I got the help. I got the money. I got the medicine. I still got what I needed. Although life changed. Although I got very ill and even though my carreer ended. I am still a mother. I am still alowed to do whatever I want, even on a level, however i ‚can’… I get support, I still have friends, a family… doctors… I am still in heaven.

If you read all this, and compare it with the life of someone, a young woman, who was born in a country where there is no freedom, or where there is a war, or a religious ban on freedom of women, or anything in life…

If you read all this, and you would compare it with the future of our own ‚rich western‘ children, and their children. what future are they facing? with what freedom, and or restrictions?

lets get on the streets. for the future of our children, and for their children. For children, mothers, fathers in war zones. For our endangoured environment and wildlife.

For freedom of speech. against racism, sexism, and right extremism.

Just get on the streets, for being greatfull for what we had. For what we still have and what we want to keep.

Lets all skip Black Friday this year and join the next Global Climate Strike on the 29th of November 2019.

Make a change for keeping what we have. Freedom.

I will be there. Because I can. Because nobody will stop me. Because I still won’t be doing anything against the law…although I am a woman, although I am a mother, and although I am ill.