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this post is about manners…

I remember very clearly, the exact moment, when I realised how badly people behave ‚walking‘ on the street.

It must have been sometime in the first year I moved from the countryside of Holland, a small town called Meppel, to Amsterdam. I must have been about 25. Totally unaware of big city life, literally growing up in a community where you ‚know‘ people you meet on the streets. (but thats another story…)

So some Friday late afternoon, sometime in 1995, I was doing an after work ’strawling along‘ de PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. For people who don’t know, thats where money buys a lifestyle, or used to do so… probably. (Something like de Kö in Düsseldorf)

Anyway.. I can clearly remember until this very moment, how people, no matter who, just kept walking on a small sidewalk, and as if they had to walk you over, they would have probably done that. I remember stopping all the time waiting for people to pass me by, saying ‚hello!‘ and ‚good afternoon‘ ( I was raised in Meppel…).. but nobody cared, they just kept walking, expecting you to let them go first on the small sidewalk…

that was 1995! since than I realised on more occasions, also in smaller cities and towns how bad people behave passing you by… walking the dog in the morning for instance. meeting all those busy parents straight forward walk, no time, no smile, just keep walking!!! nobody’s gonna stop me from walking!!! get out of my way!!! And I still always step aside, wait, keep my dog short on the lead, say good morning, let them pass by…

but that was all before Covid 19. …………………..

today. nothing has changed. actually it got worse. supermarket; I am waiting kindly for the woman before me selecting her strawberries in a bag and I keep distance with my trolly plus another meter… waiting until she is ready, no rush, ( and I also have a timeframe! yes!) but so I can do the same… wait!!!…. what?.. huh?!! .. its as if you are standing there waiting, but are not there, because other people just pass by and go before you, taking all strawberries in their hands to select the best and chuck the other ones back in the tray. they didnt even notice me standing there! waiting kindly!!

there are the people with masks and gloves, and a trolly, who now think; distance?? why?? I am safe wearing my mask and gloves, fuck you! let me through! I am first! cause I am following the rules!!!! distance? my mask is my distance! you act! why should I!!

and there are the people without masks or gloves also with a trolly ( cause they have to), but not really, cause they just park it with one of the rest of the seven family members ( all with a trolly) who came with them so they can buy 8 packs of toilet paper, and just wander and jump around the supermarket as if they are on a birthday party at Mc Donalds.

And the reason why I post this, is that on top of all that, today, a friend told me, who runs a local small store, and had her first day opening again. People tried to overload the little shop as if it was Christmas. No masks, no respect for any rules.

what is wrong with people? Do people watch the news at all? what is this anti social behaviour? where is the time, the pase, the respect. Do people live their perfect life only online? and not offline? Is it so difficult today to live a life mainly at home? Is it because the ‚cool‘ mischeeve behaviour you normally present out on parties and at the bar, now has to come out during your supermarket trips or just out enjoying some air?

Its just all about manners. taking care of yourself, yes! always. but also for others, please. Manners show who you are, especially in times of crisis. so be ware, you crazy anti social people! you are all watched….

and this is only to whome it may concern!